JTM-OC1900A Chair Base Testing Machine

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According to test Standard: BIFMA X5.1-2002, Test No. 7



This test should be performed on all pedestal bases.


Purpose of Test:

This machine is designed to evaluate the ability of a pedestal base to withstand excessive vertical forces.


  • Safety protection - Automatic detection of specimen breakdown point to prot-ect the computer system and prevent load cell. It can be set in different safety c-apacity.
  • Upper and lower limit with micro switch equipment: to protect the load cell and machine, as incorrect use of this tester may result in property damage.
  • Equipped with safety cover.
  • Speed - Adopt PLC automatic speed control device. Available in automatic and manual speed control.
  • Base - the machine is made of steel plant with hardened surface treatment. H-igh strength, resistance of shakes.

Machine Mechanism:

Load Capacity 3000Kgf
Driving Method 1HP AC servo motor/ servo driver via reducing motor, transmit by precision guide screw.
Test Stroke 1200mm
Indicator Computer control system
Accuracy ±0.5%
Test Speed Range 0~300mm/min
Crosshead Speed And Permitted Force Full speed in rated capacity
Spacing Of Crosshead For Mounting Grip Max. 1300mm
Load Cell High precision. Japan N.T.S made or equivalent made in America
Effective Test Width 800mm
Units Of System Selectable a. Force : kN, kg, lb, g, N, ton
b. Elongation : mm, cm, inch
Dimension - Main Body Approx. 1400x620x2200 (W) x (D) x (H)mm
Weight Approx 2000 kg
Power Requirements 3 ,220V/60HZ or 400V/50Hz.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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