Leather Testing Machine, Footwear Tester

J.T.M. Technology is footwear testing equipment expert in Taiwan and offers footwear testing, leather test machine, shoe testing machine, etc.

To cope with various of uses, the footwear tester is included whole shoes, leather, materials, component and fit assessments. It provides the capability to measure the performance of footwear to make sure that it meets appropriate performance requirements for quality and safety administration. A significant element of footwear testing is leather testing.

Our tester has a common point is for easy operation, and you can test two shoes at the same time to save your time. As time could be costly for some footwear manufacturers and suppliers, you save time more, the money you can make more and more.

For any other special kind of workers, they also have special inquires to protect their feet, such as if it can withstand that value in the prescribed time period or pe fire-proof and so on.

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