JTM-UT230 Economical Type Micro Computer Tensile Test Machine (500kg)

  • JTM-UT230 Economical Type Micro Computer Tensile Test Machine (500kg)
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This tester has been wide used in electronic, tape, plastic, textile...industries. This Tester is with a multi-function indicator which can provide max and elongation value and these value can be printed.

  1. Load Capacity : 500KN
  2. Max Travel : 800mm
  3. Max Space: ø140mm
  4. Test Speed: 25~500mm/min
  5. Force Resolution: 1/10,000
  6. Motor: 150W DC Motor
  7. Indicator : Digital Display
  8. Units Of System Selectable : Force : kg, lb
  9. Dimension : 550x550x1400 (LxWxH mm)
  10. Weight: Approx. 400kg
  11. Safety Protection - Automatic Detection Of Specimen Breakdown Point To Protect The System And Prevent Load Cell.
Load Capacity 500kgf/1000kgf
Driving Method 1HP DC servo motor/ servo driver via reducing motor, transmit by precision guide screw.
Test Stroke 900mm ( Exclude clamping apparatus )
Indicator Digital display
Accuracy ±0.5%
Test Speed Range 0~300mm/min
Spacing Of Crosshead For Mounting Grip Max. 1200mm
Load Cell High precision. Japan N.T.S made or equivalent made in America
Effective Test Width 410mm
Units Of System Selectable Force:kg, lb
Dimension¡Vmain Body Approx. 900x500x1800 (W) x (D) x (H)mm
Load Cell Resolution 1/20,000
Power Requirements 3∮,220V/60HZ or to prescribed voltage

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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