JTM-1220A Stroller Wheel Performance Tester

  • JTM-1220A Stroller Wheel Performance Tester
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This machine simulates walking the stroller on the road, bad road conditions, and impacts with the stones and potholes on the stroller wheel. After a certain distance, check whether the wheel or structure part is deformed or damaged.

Driving Driven by a rubber belt, the beating plate is locked above the rubber belt, and then the motor drives the belt to test.
Motor 1 HP DC motor, speed adjustable
Timer Timer control, auto stop when preset time is up
Rubber belt Made of raw rubber, wear-resistant and not easy to break
Power 3∮,220V/60Hz, or as request
Dimensions Around 1000*620*2200 mm(W*D*H)
Load Optional

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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