JTM-S1221 Drop Testing Machine

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Purpose of Test: This Drop Testing Machine is designed to simulate the motion of a stroller traveling up and down a set of stairs. It tests the overall strength and quality of the stroller as the front or rear wheels of the stroller are suspended and dropped.

Drop Test Machine Specifications:

Lift High Above Ground 80 - 150MM
Repetitive Speed 20CPM (Adjustable)
Test Time 0 - 999,999
One Touch Operation Functions Are Easy For Test.
A Test Result Will Show As Soon As The Test Is Complete.
Auto control the test force.
Max. test time pre-set: Once the pre-set level is reached, the machine stop automatically.
Auto end poin: Automatic detection of breakdown point while the test specimen breaks.
With warning alarm, loud audible signal to alert the user problems.
Dimension 2000x1600x2700mm (WxDxH mm)
Weight 700kg
*Available to test 2pcs of strollers at the same time.


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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