JTM-RP1290 Water Pressure Tester

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This tester is used to test the hydrostatic pressure of PVC / PE / ABS pipes.


When the above pipes are used to transport water, the water creates a certain pressure on the walls inside the pipes. Therefore, this instrument is an important reference for understanding the pressure resistance of pipelines and the quality of their products.

Inner chamber 1500 x 560 x 450 (or upon request)
Testing pressure 0~80 kg/sq.cm
Pressure meter 0~200 kg/sq.cm
Constant loading for 1 min.
Pressure accuracy better than 2 kg/sq.cm
Chamber material SUS#304
Specimen holder One piece for specimen with diameter less than 100mm (one size only - holders for other sizes are optional)
Power 1 phase, 220V AC, 1HP
Max working pressure: 140 kgf/sq.cm
Dimensions 1850 x 570 x 900mm (upon the size of the specimen)
Power supply 1 phase, 220V, 50/60Hz

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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