JTM-RP1254 Tape Initial Adhesion Tester

  • JTM-RP1254 Tape Initial Adhesion Tester
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This tester is designed for testing adhesive strength of tape products; judge the initial adhesion strength by the rolling distance of steel ball.


Test according to CNS-11888,JIS-Z0237

Slope angle 20~40 degrees, normally 30 degrees
No. of sample 4 pcs
Sample size Width 10~15 mm, length 400 mm
Steel ball #2~32,1/16”~1” (box package)
Slope material 5 mm thick fronted glass
Aided path Thickness 25 mm, length 100 mm
Load 500 g 50 mm
Dimensions 51x30x30 cm
Weight Around 15 kg

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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