JTM-1264 Forming Press Machine

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The machine is hydraulic (manual or electric). The prefabricated sample was placed on the test piece mold and pressed between the electric plywood. Original samples can be formed for testing or testing at a set temperature, pressure, and time. The basis for mass production. Electric heaters can be purchased to increase the number of hot plates and test three test piece molds simultaneously.

No. of specimen to test at one time 1, 2, 3 pcs available
Max capacity 10, 30, 50 ton
Pressure gauge 0~20 Mpa (0~200 kg/sq. cm)
Heating plate stroke max.80 mm (or upon request)
Temperature Rt+10°C ~ 300°C
Size of heating plate approx.300x300 mm
Timer 60 min
Power source 3 phase 220/380/415V
Dimensions (approx) 110x50x120 cm
Net weight (approx) 150 kgs

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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