• JTM-RP1254B
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This machine uses the rolling distance of the steel ball on the tape fixed on the oscillating plate to test the adhesiveness of the tape to judge its quality and record the number of balls that can remain on the tape for more than 5 seconds.

Angle of slant board 30° (20° ~ 40° adjustable )
No. of specimen 4 pcs
Tape specimen size With: 10~15 mm, Length: 400 mm
Steel balls No. 2~32, dia. 1/16"~1" (box package)
Material of slat board 5 mm thick frosted glass
Aided path thickness: 0.025 mm, length: 100 mm, polyester
Reference weight 500 g with dia. 50 mm
Dimension 50x31x30 cm
Net weight approx. 14 kg

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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