JTM-1695A Dynamic Torque Tester

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This machine is used to test the resistance of metal materials such as wires or steel bars under dynamic torsion. Suspended weights can provide properly fixed pretension. When the sample breaks, it will stop automatically, and the number of test cycles can be displayed. If a computer is installed, graphics can be displayed and test results recorded.

Driving method AC motor 5 HP, inverter X 1 set
Reducer 1 set
Two-clamp mechanism 2 sets
Encoder 1 set
Electronic control system 1 set
Speed control 5-30 rpm
Adjustable clamping length 0 ~ 550 mm
Clamping range 2 ~ 10 mm diameter
Automatic stop function Automatic stop when the sample is damaged
dimensions 560x1730mmx1120 mm
Power 3 ph; 380V; 50Hz, or as request

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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