JTM-1280 Anchor Bolt Tensile Tester (20T)

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For testing the tensile of screw/bolt on the concrete and check the breakage point. It applies with computer system as well as high performance software which can show the force, displacement, strength, max. value and time setting. Also print out the result and graph.

Capacity 200 kN
Max. sample size M20 anchor bolt
Max. testing stroke 300 mm anchor bolt
Driving method Structure with high stiffness steel
Hydraulic cylinder x 1 set (max. stroke: 300 mm)
Hydraulic power package x 1 set
Hydraulic servo valve x 1 set
Hydraulic system controller 1 set
Crane Overhead crane ×1 set
Frame ×1 set
Load cell Capacity: 20,000 kg (can be customized)
Load resolution: 1/100,000
Accuracy ±1%
Test speed 20 - 200 mm/min (available to adjust freely by software)
Displacement resolution 0.001 mm
Ram stroke 300 mm (including load cell & grips)
Weight: 1200 kg
Dimensions 800(W)×600(D)×3000(H) mm
Power 3∮,220V/60HZ, or as request

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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