JTM-P1775 Drop Tester

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In the transportation process, packed products might be unavoidably dropped or accidentally impacted with hard substance. To prevent further damages in advance, this tester is designed to test and find out the ultimate solution for the package products with a purpose to reduce loss during transportation.

High Range 400~1650mm
Test Space(WxDxH) 60~1080x760x400~1650mm
Permit Specimen Weight Approx. 60kg
Motor Height Adjustment 1/4hp , Width Adjustment 60w
Dimension-Main Unit1 227x142x220cm
Dimension-Control Box 27x27x115cm
Weight 667kg ( Approx. )
Power 1£r,AC220V,3A
Machine Guarantee 1 Year.


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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