JTM-OC1300 Cycle Testing Machine

  • JTM-OC1300 Cycle Testing Machine
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This machine is designed to test drawers, desks, cabinets and wardrobe. Capable of cycling time control constant travel control, frequency control, test force display. The control systems feature advanced POD display which shows either force, testing time, cycling or break value. All the functions are made by simple key operation for easy set up.


  • Testing force and frequency can be pre-set.
  • Control mode: constant force, travel, test time set, test frequency set.
  • Control method: PLC + POD (programmable operation display)
  • Selectable units of system - kg, N, lb.

Machine Mechanism:

Test Base:

  • 1HP motor + reducer.
  • Precise lead screw dia. £r30mm * 1pc.
  • Machine safety frames * 2pcs , prevent slippage.
  • Micromotion bar, a kind of protection mechanism for controlling the extent of upward motion of the cross bar, so as not to collide with the upper tongs or machine stand thus causing damage to the parts of the machine.

Operation Control:

Display The machine is operated via the corresponding POD(programmableoperation display) system.
A test result will show as soon as the test is complete.
Test Travel 0 - 600mm.
Number Of Cycle 0 - 60s, Adjustable.
Counter 1- 99999.
Force Capacity Max. 50KG

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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