JTM-P1275 Dyeing Rubber Tester

  • JTM-P1275 Dyeing Rubber Tester
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For colored fabric or leather and similar material. To test the dyeing-color firmness against abrasion, use standard white cotton(dry or wet) to number of times smoothly to the colored specimen, then take out white cotton cloth to compare with "standard gray scale" and evaluate the level of color firmness against abrasion of dying or printing of the material.


According to test Standard: 499, 3843, 8432, JIS-L0801, L0849, L1006, L1084, K6328, P8136.

Testing Quantity 6 pcs/ each time
Specimen Size 22x3cm
White Cotton Cloth Size 5X5cm
Abrasion Speed 30cpm
Load 200g/500g Adjustable
Abrasion Distance 100mm
White Cotton Cloth Abrasion Area About 1 cm²
Counter 1~9999
Dimension 45X65X35cm
Weight 55kg

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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