JTM-P1780 Box Compression Tester

  • JTM-P1780 Box Compression Tester
  • Product Specification
Testing Space  
Pressure Space 100 x 100 x 120cm(WxDxH)
Top & Bottom Plate Parallel 3/1,000mm
Load Cell And Accessory 2000kg, Adopt High Precision America Made Load Cell.
The Smallest Digit : 0.3kg
Dust Protector : The Guiding Screw Rod Has A Dust Protector Device.can Extend The Durability And Accuracy Of The Tester. To Keep The Artistically Of The Machine.
Accuracy : + -0.5%
Power 3, 220v/60Hz, Or Prescribed Voltage
Dimension 200 x 120 x226cm(LxWxH)
Weigh 1400kg
Space For Compression Plate 100x100x120cm (WxDxH) II

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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