JTM-6112A Computer-Type Pedal Cleat-Off Testing Machine

If you ignore the dangers involved with it, using a pedal is recognized as the best way to ensure that the pedaling force can be transmitted to the driving of the bicycle.


JTM-6112A computer-type pedal cleat-off testing machine is developed based on this demand. JTM has just received an order from one of the famous domestic clipless pedal manufacturers for this equipment. This company has been growing so fast as they care so much about the quality of their products.


When the cleat is in, the force can be read; when the cleat is off, the torque can be measured. Repeated insertion and removal of the cleat can test its endurance. JTM-6112A is a model with all three functions at one machine, which is deeply loved by customers.


Easy cleat-in and cleat-out are the basic goals of the research and development for the clipless pedals. The endurance test is a guarantee of quality for the riders. JTM spares no efforts to help customers to improve the R&D procedures and quality level of their products.


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