JTM-FL1910 Twist Tester Machine, Yarn Twist Tester

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In the production of yarn, always to increase its strength by plied twist to increase its tensile strength, so we need twist tester.

Yarn Twist Tester is to count out the number of twist by un-twisting the yarn and then division by length of specimen to obtain the number of plied twist per inch.

During the process of testing twist tester machine, also obtain the percentage of twist shortening.

Testing Load 0.5-30g (Adjustable)
Coutner LCD Display 1- 9,999
Specimen Length 1-20"(Adjustable)
Specimen Length 50-700 rpm (Adjustable)
Dimension 83x18x33 cm
Weight 10kg

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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