JTM-FL1916 Yarn Color Sample Card Winder

  • JTM-FL1916 Yarn Color Sample Card Winder
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This machine can wind up the thread to certain area on a card to observe the surface structure and color of the thread.

Card length 200~280 mm or customized
Card width 12~35 mm(extra width can be made, L=85 mm, W=85 mm)
Winding samples 4~20 different samples (standard accessories for 8 standard ones)
Winding length 13~70 mm
Winding width 6~50 mm adjustable
Winding density 12~94 inch
Stop control 1~99 setting
Special functions
  1. Manual lateral returning
  2. 2. Digital control at start, auto return
Dimensions 90x70x55 ( WxDxH ) cm
Weight 50 kg
Power AC-220V 50~60HZ 3A

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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