JTM-M1274 Salt Spray Tester

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The SALT SPRAY TESTER is used to test the anti-erosion quality of the surface of all materials after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anoding and rust-proof of greasing.

Testing in accordance with national standard: CNS C-6014, H-2040, Z-8026, JIS D-0201, K-5400, D-0205, H-8681, ASTM B-117...etc.

Testing space 60x40x45 WxHxD (cm)
Dimensions 125x106x94 WxHxD(cm))
No. of collector 1 Pc
Heating area 1000 W
Range of temp. Test area Rt~50℃
Saturated area Rt~63℃
Features Control accuracy ±0.5℃
Compressed air pressure 0.8~2.0±0.01
Spray volume 0.5~3.0 ml
P.H. Salt fog 6.5~7.2
Copper acetate 3.0~3.2
Material Outside P.V.C or PP
Inside P.V.C or PP
System structure Salt spray solution Salt fog, copper acetate
Heating system Titanium heater
Control system PID digital +SSR control
Safety system Circuit system load protection, over-temperature load protection, insufficient medicine protection
Power ACφ,220V±10%,5060Hz

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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