JTM-SB3215 Bike Performance Tester

  • JTM-SB3215 Bike Performance Tester
  • Product Specification

This tester is suitable to test bike' s run test & brake performance test; the design conforms to the test specs listed below. The tester is formed by two rollers with varied diameter and follows spec to install jump plates at bike' s seat tube, stepper, handle and load rack, with load set to this tester.
After adjusting the distance according to bike' s actual distance, constantly rotate the wheels by 7~24 km/hr and the bik is upposed to maintain its normal function,
Adjustable roller wheel1-60R.P.M., It shows current numbers, controlling level 0-999999. 
When the specimen breakage, the machine stops automatically.
No part damage or crack is found. For brake test, follow the spec-specified roller' s friction coefficient, wind speed, ride-way slop and water-spray amount of loaded brake holding handle to test the performance and judge bike' s performance under the defined frequency.
And we also can follow the international bike' s standards listed below to use the respective bike jig/fixture module
This tester is produced according to the design standards defined in SNI 1049:2008
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Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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